.My JOURNAL 93 : To renew a lost soul

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- Maya Angelou

Just like I mention before on all of my previous blog post, a lot of series of event happened in my life that I wish I could  have talked about here on my blog. It's like my life is a constant roller coasters; its goes up and down. 

So today I decided to renew my blog and just write all my unwritten thoughts...

I won't say renew my blog actually, more on renewing my lost soul I guess?

So bare with me and my style of writing...


For a long time, my blog was something that i'm really secretly proud of. Secretly means I'm scared of people who I know in my personal life even mention about my blog and telling me they read all about my blog posts. I'm embarrass when that happened for quite sometimes; people compliment me on how I managed and kept up with my blog posting, which i'm pretty much sure I'm not doing a great job at this point.

I admit hundred times that I am my worst critic when it comes to my own abilities. That why sometimes I have that tendency to be a perfectionist and I push myself to the limit that I always disappointing myself when I don't reach a certain goal.

However, blogging is something therapeutic to me. I want write everything that I could think of, just type and type words that comes out my mind and read it out loud to release some stress inside of me. And because of that I keep reminding myself why I should kept blogging. I wanted to share my life stories to some people here in blogspot.

I know in my last blog post too I promise some kind of upcoming blog post but it never really happen. Life happens and my life is not perfect. Sometimes I'm too caught off with mix emotions and I tend to forget who I was before. I went through a lot of soul searching again when I went on my vacation in the Philippines. As I stayed there for weeks, I saw myself in a different environment and it really did heal my soul and my point of view change drastically.

I have regain back who I was before, and learned from my past mistake. 

After months later, people see the difference between me and the past me.
And they're probably right. I try to keep everything now as simple minded person and just be positive about my surrounding. Maybe some days I will have that dark side of me shows but as of now, I can say that I'm happy or should I say someone makes me happy??

Who knows? I know? Or maybe you know?

Well thats all for now....

I know my rants and my soul searching are all over the place...

Until next time,