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Why hello there!!
 I got an exciting news to share with you guys. Dont worry its not a long post this time, i'll try to keep it short and simple today..

So lets beginning...

The good news I'm about to tell you guys is the one that change my status here in United States. I'm talking about the day I got my citizenship.

This is the day I have been waiting for so long. I think the process of getting my citizenship took me almost 4 months since I mailed my application form. After that I had my fingerprints, and successfully passed my interview in Downtown San Francisco U.S Immigration.
Then on Feb 12, my father, bf and I went to my official Oath Taking Ceremony at Oakland Theater. We took the bart to get there and they were 870 applicants like me who became U.S citizen that day. I really like the Theater and the ceremony was actually really nice. I liked it 

While I was sitting there next to hundreds of applicants who have the same goal as mine, I kept thinking about my past and how it is such a huge accomplishment for me to received my naturalization and finally proud to say that I'm a U.S citizen now. Because of this citizenship, I will prove to those people who doubted me and treated me unfairly like I'm nothing compare to them before. 

Then after the ceremony, we went straight to Red Bowl to eat some noodles and over rice dishes. Le boo ordered the beef and broccoli over rice and I ordered the combination noodle soup and then my father ordered his favorite beef stew. 
Later on that day, I went to my first cleaning to my new dentist. I got a lot of dentist appointment next month so, I'm really nervous about that but like I said......

I'm keeping up with my goals this year. One down, four more to go!!!! 

Well that's all for now

Until next time, 

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