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Hello my lovely bloggers ^^

I still can't believe the month of January is already done! I mean it went by so quick, just like that 11 months to go for the year of 2014.

So let's look back to what I've accomplished last month.


Let me start at the beginning, which is the first day of January.

It was unplanned first date with my le boo at Ocean beach. At first we went to Purple Kow and I did not expect the place was really busy that day. I admit I thought people are too lazy to go outside the house or maybe hungover because of the night before. But I guess I was wrong. Whe we came there, the line was really long and I stood for almost 30 min or so just to order our drinks.

But because of determination of drinking that milk tea, i knew waiting in line was really worth it.So after that, we went to ocean beach which is near Purple Kow. Then we took some pictures with our matching shirt and watch the sunset. It was a delightful day to spend time with my bf before he started his new job the day after that.


Then on the 15th, we had a little get together kind of party at my bf's house. We always go out and about when we get together, so it was nice to spend some quality time with the bear family inside the house. Although, we never seems to be complete family every time we do all this kind of event, it was alright to just be content with one another.

I'm just happy people came and had fun that night. All we did was played Dance Central on the xbox 360 with kinnect, ate alot of food, took a lot of pictures as well, sang along at the karaoke and played our favorite drinking game, Kings Cup.


My boo and I celebrated another monthsary on 18th, which is our 32nd month or our 2 years and 8 months together as a couple.

Wow, I still can't believe we are almost approaching that 3 year anniversary this year. I still feel like we are stuck in that stage where we still need to learn more about each other's feelings and goals in life. So we take it day by day, for us to be certain that one day we might be or not meant to be for each other.

For our monthsary date, we went to our favorite Japanese Ramen restaurant at Ajisen Ramen at Westfield Mall. Honestly I CANsay that the two of us are addicted to eating ramen at Ajisen.Then we went to another location which is where he asked me to be his gf at Ghirardelli Square. He ordered his favorite hot chocolate and I had my favorite chocolate covered strawberries. We sat outside for a couple of hours and just took some random pictures and talk about our past relationship and how we had to overcome some challenges and changes in our lives.


Going to Exploratorium for the first time was really out of the ordinary date with my boo.
Which I'm not going into details about it here because I might write a separate blog post about the experience we had at Exploratorium. For now, I'll just post a couple of pictures we had that day.


I always say that every new year is the new me, so what is better than improving my appearance than just stay the same boring me.

I had my hair shorter than last year's hair cut. This is the shortest hair I had ever since elementary school and trust me I hated my short hair back then. And since I'm already bored with my semi-blonde hair, I had it change to Red Copper Blonde color. Now it looks like a bright semi-Rihanna colored hair.


Then last but not the least, the new items I got last month.
 Starting at the first picture on the left side, I got this hypoallergenic facial towelettes from YestoCucumbers for my travel essential. I love it so much that I think I might purchase the 100 sheets next time. Then on the right, my mother got me this floral compact mirror. This mirror reminds me of Sailor Moon's powder compact. Don't you guys think so?

Then we moved on to the bottom left picture which is my two new favorite phone case. I always get the blue, pink and red kind of phone case, so I bought this two cute purple vintage dream catcher and silicone clear flip case cover. Next is the last item where I bought it at Daiso at the end of the month of 2013. I bought myself another notebook and turn it into my 2014 planner. I divided into four content; first is my Goals for 2014, second is my Notes/To-Do list, third is my Blog post/First times, and then  fourth is my random thoughts/wish list.

Well that's all for now....

What a long blog post huh??


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  1. Lovely post!
    I love your new hairstyle dear! : )

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  2. Oh thank you. Im still not use my new hair colour been red hair though :(