.My Randomness 66 : My Fifth Shade of Rascal Bear


To start my year with a little bit happiness in my life, I would like to introduce my annoying yet lovable dog Rascal. Technically its my cousin's dog but somehow at home we all kind did raise him.
When my mother told me that my cousin brought a dog in the house, at first I did not believe it at all. I just ignored it. But as the dog grow up and make those annoying barks inside the house, my ignorants became my reality. Do not get me wrong i do love dogs especially corgi dogs. I know everyone has opinion about raising pitbull and how people in general think they are dangerous. Honestly I, myself too believe there are dangerous but until I've learned that not all of them. I just it's how they are raise them and how you treat them with respect. They can be a fun loving dogs too.
Then from time to time i enjoy hanging out with the cutie puppy.
He may be a little bit wild because he's not train enough, but i did manage to teach him how to shake hands, lay down, and gives high fives. I love the little boy. I never thought my parents would like him too. My dad likes talking to him and when i pick up my mom after her work, the dog waits for us at the door, waiting for some treats.

My cousin named him rascal but i call him rascal bear or brown bear. Look at him, he's a natural when it comes to posing for the camera. A smaller fun-size bear. ^^
But i do have one wish from him. I want to hug. I mean like train him to hug me when i say "hug me". Maybe i just needed that companion. I do get a lot of hugs from friends and my booboo. But you know i'm awkward with people hugging for no reason and sometimes i do want that hug in other shape form. Hahaha that sounded lame.

Anyway well that's all for now....

I hope you guys enjoy a little random short blog post from me.

Until next time,


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  3. So lovely post! Cute dog!! I like your blog! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
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  4. Aww he's so adorable, how amazing would it be if he actually hugged you when you asked for it :') It could definitely cheer you up on a bad day!!
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