Hello Hello Hello! 

I'm sorry it took me a long time to come back to my blogging world again. Life took another 360 spin and turn my dull life into a busy yet full of unexpected blessings. If you guys are really curious about why I haven't blog a lot lately....

Here are my "not really suitable good reasons" why I didn't have time to blog :

1. Random hangout with Crazy friends - Since I was still in my permanent vacation at the beginning of the month of March, my friends kept on pushing and asking me to go out with them. I know it may sound silly excuse but yes, thats my first lame excuse to

2. I'm introverted type of person - I might sounds like I'm out going type of person all the time. But to be honest I'm not. I prefer to be a home buddy person. I like my own comfortable comforters, laptop and just watch youtube vidz all day. Well maybe not all day. you guys know i love me some "me time" to myself. Just relax with a facial mask and be myself. Also sometimes cleaning and organizing makes me feel relax and happy inside. It's my own remedy to feel good about myself.

3.Too many drafts - I got too many coming up blog post i wanted to post, but ended up not posting it. Too many ideas and too many pictures I needed to post which ended up not posting them at all again. I have no time open my laptop anymore. Most of the time I resort to my tablet and my phone to check all my social network pages.

4. I'm becoming a gym rat - Since I found a perfect workout buddy to go with me at the gym, I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. One intense workout and two light gym time.

And 5th and the main reason why I can't blog too often is that..

I have a new job to distract me with my leisure life.

So I guess in the end my somewhat permanent vacation is over. Time to face reality again and slaves myself to pay my own bills again.

But that's a good thing because I can save money for myself and future travel plans with my bear family.

Let me do some recap collage pics over the past 2 months I have been gone to the world of bloggers.

Are you guys ready?

It's going to be a huge overload of pictures of my food comas, hangout time with friends, and random pictures I took from my camera.

Enough about my past,

Let's see something in my future...

Here are some list of title of my upcoming blog post for the couple of weeks;





So watch out! it might take awhile though, but i'm hoping I'll eventually come back to my constant blogging days.

Well that's all for now...

Let's see if I can post all of this blog post this month .. yikkkeeee!

Until next time,



Bonjour to the month of L.O.V.E and should I say my BIRTHDAY month as well.

For those blogger who followed me for a really long time, you guys already probably know that my birthday month is February. February means two important life event; Valentines Day, and My Birthday Day. Which I call it sometimes the double VtoBday. Personally I don't like celebrating V-day (you can read it here why ) but since my bf is big on gesture of gift giving and showing affection on vday, I might as well celebrate it with him and not ruin it for him. Then after a week, it was my B-day that we celebrated. I have acknowledge the fact that I'm a year older again and I'm reaching that full adulthood life now. I'm no longer consider a young girl. Wahhhhhhhhh


Back to happy thoughts,

So today ill share with you guys what did I do on my vday and bday.

On Feb 14, My bf and I went to the new Applebee's resturant at Fishermans Wharf. We been wanting to Applebee's for a really long time with some of our friends, but we just decided to try to first (just the two of us) then if it's good food we will bring our bear family with us the next time. 

But before we got there, my bf surprised me with a valentines day mini cake, single rose (which I requested), Balloons, and a huge valentines day card. I told you guys he likes to be super grant when it comes to V-day's gift giving. 

When we got there, the place was pack and we waited for almost I think 10 mins to be seated. I really like the fact that we seated near the bar which we can watch on the big screen TV and we got the tall booth chairs. Before our food arrived at our table, I ordered the Berry Sangria and he got the Miller lite for some drinks while waiting.

 We got the Appetizer Sampler, Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine, French Onion Soup, and Marsala Mushroom Sirloin. I really love the Spinach & Artichoke Dip for the chips and my Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine was really fresh and delicious.

After dinner, Jay and I decided to go to our newly single female friends to share some Valentines day gifts. We gave them flowers, balloons, and cupcakes.

Ultimately, we ended our night with a lot of camera whoring and just plain craziness.  

Then the following week, it was my birthday. My birthday is nothing too fancy at all this year, it more like a lay back birthday celebration. So we went to our favorite Pizzeria, ate some Half Hawaiian and Half Bad Boy Pizza, Sweet Potatoes, Meat Calzone, Mix Strawberry and Mango Crepes,

Afterwards we went to Linda's house for some happy hour. Aye made some drinks for us to taste for the first time. The drink she made was really different than we usually drink and it was sweet. At first you really can't tell it was an alcoholic drink because it tasted like candy but after awhile you will feel that feeling drunk and cray-crazy attitude already.

 Well that's all for now...

Starting working out again, Thanks to aye for being my new personal trainer at the gym.

Hiking this summer here I come!!!!

Until next time, 


.My Randomness 67 : LOOK INSIDE MY DAYRE


Bonjour to the world of bloggers!

If someone ask me what is my most used app on my phone? I would probably say that Instagram was my favorite app last year. But since Instagram is one of the most used apps in our generation nowadays, I feel like it's becoming more and more like a Facebook account. Everybody has it on their phone. It was cool at first, but when there are too many people use it, it kinda lost that feeling of coolest. You know what I mean?

So today, I have a new app that I'm cray-cray about. It's called "Dayre" it's a combination of a blog and the effect of having an Instagram. Basically it's a blog on my phone. I can blog when ever or whatever I'm doing on my phone. Isn't it that nice to have on your phone?

The first thing you will see on Dayre, it's the home screen, where you can find posting a blog, uploading pictures, videos, using emoji icons, and checking in. I even convince my bf to open his own Dayre account.

Ever since I started using Dayre, I try not to miss a day without writing one single blog entry. It's like my daily blog on the go.

and my favorite emoji icons I always use is the pink lady with bangs because she reminds of me when I had bangs and her actions are so cute.

So if you want to follow on Dayre my username is obviously dayre.me/theepolkadotlady

Well that's all for now,

Oh you guys want a bonus app?

Here is my highest score on flappy bird which is I suck at playing this game.

 I still can't believe flappy bird is no longer available though.

It's been a long time since I wrote a random post. I should do this more often.

Until next time,

Au revoir


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Why hello there!!
 I got an exciting news to share with you guys. Dont worry its not a long post this time, i'll try to keep it short and simple today..

So lets beginning...

The good news I'm about to tell you guys is the one that change my status here in United States. I'm talking about the day I got my citizenship.

This is the day I have been waiting for so long. I think the process of getting my citizenship took me almost 4 months since I mailed my application form. After that I had my fingerprints, and successfully passed my interview in Downtown San Francisco U.S Immigration.
Then on Feb 12, my father, bf and I went to my official Oath Taking Ceremony at Oakland Theater. We took the bart to get there and they were 870 applicants like me who became U.S citizen that day. I really like the Theater and the ceremony was actually really nice. I liked it 

While I was sitting there next to hundreds of applicants who have the same goal as mine, I kept thinking about my past and how it is such a huge accomplishment for me to received my naturalization and finally proud to say that I'm a U.S citizen now. Because of this citizenship, I will prove to those people who doubted me and treated me unfairly like I'm nothing compare to them before. 

Then after the ceremony, we went straight to Red Bowl to eat some noodles and over rice dishes. Le boo ordered the beef and broccoli over rice and I ordered the combination noodle soup and then my father ordered his favorite beef stew. 
Later on that day, I went to my first cleaning to my new dentist. I got a lot of dentist appointment next month so, I'm really nervous about that but like I said......

I'm keeping up with my goals this year. One down, four more to go!!!! 

Well that's all for now

Until next time, 

.My First time 1 : EXPLORATORIUM


Hello again my lovely bloggers !

This year I'm going start a new segment called "My First time". Like I said in my 2014 goals, I want to step outside my comfort zone and experience new things. I want to go place I never been to, eat food that I want to discover, activities that are fun to do with my le boo or my friends.

So today, I'm going to write about my first time at Exploratorium in Pier 15, San Fran. This museum is actually an interactive mind blowing science museum for kids and adult to visit. I had fun learning new ways to learn more about science basically. What got me interested about going here was every time we went to Pier 39 to eat late night snack, I always see this huge logo of Exploratorium. So I thought we should check it out. My boo and I went there for a little day time date.

So here are some of the pictures we took...

Then we went to the restaurant they have inside..

We got the beef rib-eye sandwich and baked pasta. I really liked the sandwich, it was really fresh and it's organic, so its was a plus for me. Yeah for organic! (*^﹏^*)

Well that's all for now....

Mission accomplished for last month's first time. I'm looking forward to this month's first time. So you guys should watch out for that!!!

Until next time,

P/S There one more blog post below ⇩ If you guys dont mind reading it after this o∩_∩o