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Hello hello my fellow bloggers

I really can't wait for 2013 to end. Why? It's because I got tons of reasons why it should end already.

However let's not end the year of complaining and whining about things that cannot be change in the past. It's the past already! Duh! Let's just talk about things that are in the present and good for the future. How about that?

Oh I got a question for you guys. And this is an important question coming for me.

How did you guys spend your last Friday night of 2013? Sleep? Work? Maybe Shopping?

Well for me, I got to spend some family bonding with my expanding bear family.

Yes, I'm going to blog about my Bear family again today. Plus this is the last blog post i'm going to post for 2013. I'm going to end my year with good memories and laughter with my bears.

Nothing beats a good bowling and hooka nights with a couple of crazy bears like me.

Well that's all for now,

Sorry for the short blog post today...

I'll talk to you guys soon in 2014 which literally in few days!!!!!!

And wait for my New Year's Challenge okay?

Until then,

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