2013 was like a crazy roller coaster for me. I went to my ups and downs this year and somehow I manage to stay strong and be sane for my own sake. Even though, I experienced a lot of bad things this year, I still manage to find couple of new friends as my escape to my reality.

So today is a special day because I'm finally introducing my new expanding BEAR FAMILY.
I do admit that I got a lot of sets of friends. I mean from the start it was just my YPG Girls from high school days, My LiFe Co. from college life and now it's my Bear Family.

I don't know when we started making all of this funny nicknames to each other but we started this family just the five of us. It was always the five of us in the beginning; My Boo, Me, RV, Fionna and Hannah.

The first two people we had nickname was Hannah and RV.

RV always act like our (boo and I) one and only son. So we started calling him our Jun-Jun Bear. In filipino culture, when they call u Jun-jun in the family that means you maybe the youngest or the junior of you're father's name.

Then it was Hannah's turn. We called Hannah as "Ate Vin" or "Vin-Vin Bear" because well she like a grenade that you don't wanna mess with. Silent but when it's out it's really explosive. Like a ticking bomb. Nowadays we call her "Grumpy Bear" because she's always grumpy.

After that it was Fionna's turn. They always think that Fionna and I are sister. Literally real sisters but we are not related at all. We just happened to be chubby, girly and crazy most of the time. So we made up this nickname for her. So we called her "Aunty Pat". Pat short for "antipatika" meaning she's a snob. Since she colored her hair with highlights and making money on her own at that time, we kept on teasing her about her comeback from Dubia and her business became bankrupt. Poor Fionna always the target one of this dysfunctional family.

RV and Fionna had this ridiculous friend-enemy type of relationship. RV teasing Fionna because of her previous dramatic love life and Fionna hating/loving him as a friend most of the time.

Well last but not the least the main people in this family are my boo and myself. They call me the "Mama bear" and boo being the "Papa Bear". Because we are the sources (roadtrips, the love of adventure, and foodtrips), so it was suitable for us to be called the Mama and the Papa Bear.

 Now that I covered all the basic people in this crazy family. I would like to introduce all the new members of this family.

Carlo's nickname was "Care Bear" or sometimes we call him "Don't care Bear" because he does care and sometimes he doesn't care at all. One of my favorite phrases you will hear him say when I asked him where you want to go is "I don't care, anywhere you want to go"

We moved on to Linda a.k.a "Aunty Lin-Lin" and Wilfred as "Uncle Willy". This two are suppose to be my boo's siblings.

Then we have Jackie as "Cousin Kute Jack Jack", Patrictk as "Uncle Pat" and Melisa as " Mangang Redlipstick Bear" coz she always wear red lipstick.

Before I end this blog post, I just want to thank my BEAR Family for all the laughter they have given to me. For all the annoying teasing, awesome roadtrips, and the unending food coma's, I just want to tell you guys that I love each and every one of you like my own family. 

You guys means so much to me. I hope we can create more new memories as we grow and don't grow up with each other. 
And I want more road trips with my new expanding BEAR FAM-BAM next year! ^^

Well that's all for now...


Until next time,


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    1. Oh sorry for late reply on ur comment. Thank you for noticing my banner and taking ur time to go to my blog.

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