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Hi everyone =)

Sorry it took me 6 days to finally post my 2013 Halloween.

I'm still having my bipolar biological time (you know when its time to sleep). I'm awake at night, and sleeping at daylight. It really stress me out and my acne is acting up again. I really need to get some new skin care products for my face.

Enough about my hideous face, lets talk about some moments in my life where as I am happy with my face and my surrounding.


Just like my previous blog post, I'll talk about my 2013 Halloween party.

Well technically, we called it as Hotel Halloween Costume Party. Also this party was one of the biggest blow out party I participated as one of the host of the party. I never planned a party like this before. I mean a lot of preparation and trips to the Halloween party supply store and Supermarkets. I was one of the main host of the party. Basically I was partially the planner, the reminder, the checklist, the decorator, and driver. If I could put all the things I did for the party in my resume, I might be hired as a party planner personnel. In addition to that, we (meaning my friends and I ) planned this party a month before the party.

Even though, I did beyond my abilities and efforts for host this party, it was really worth it. I really have no complains. People came to the party and enjoy each others company was really the icing of the cake of the party. I really did have fun and made new friends at the end of the night.

So back to the party...

We booked a suite at Embassy Suite at SSF. The room was beyond what I expected too. I felt like it was a one-bedroom apartment not a hotel room. Anyway, so we arrived at the hotel around 6pm with all the party supply, food, drinks and our belongs. While the bf pick-up some people who are intending the party, Linda, Fionna and I stayed at room to get ready for the party. After that people started coming around 8pm and the rest of the night was history.

Here are some pictures from the Halloween party....

So this was our hotel room that night. Although we did a lot of preparation and planning that night, I simply didn't have time to take a lot of pictures around the place. We had a disco night, fondue fountain, candies, Filipino spaghetti, Chicken Alfredo, Popeyes Chicken, bacon&shrimp wraps, non-alcoholic drink&alcohol drinks and Lumpia.

And just like my previous blog post...

Did you guys guess what was my Halloween costume this year???

It has white gloves, red hat and a mustache with a partner??

[ I dressed up as Mario and my close friend dress up as Luigi. So we became the Mario and Luigi Sisters that night. ]

[ I really wanted to dress up as Mario costume for a really long time. Luckily we had time and money to buy the costume online. ]

[ Me as Mario, Linda as a Witch school girl, Hannah as Lady Bug, and Fionna as Luigi ]

[ And of course it's ypg picture taking time with Marie, Hannah, Rv, Me, and Fionna. My High School friends and still are my friends.]

Last but not the least....

It's our collage pictures for the night.

I really wanted to thank everyone who came and celebrated Halloween with us. We made new memories to remember and friendship that I hope will last forever.

Oh and I might post some of the Polaroid pictures we had that night and what we did the next day. We had a "Next day Post party" hahahaha. I'll post the pictures and talk about everything on my next blog post.

Well that's all for now...

I have to review some volunteer materials and interview on December. So I'm busy again next month.

Until next time,

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