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Hi and Hello and Hi and Hello again

So two big event happened to me last September. Obviously this is an overdue blog post, so please bare with me.

The first big event happened last September was my boyfriend's birthday. We celebrated his 26th birthday at La Quinta Inn. He only invited few of our close friends and co-workers at his birthday. It was one of those night where new friends mixed together with some old friends. It was a lay back kind of birthday. I felt sorry for my bf though, because he was so tired and sleepless the next day.

We played our favorite drinking game called "KING CUPS". We had a blast playing this game so much that we keep playing it the whole night.

After my bf's birthday, my graduation happened to be in the same weekend as his birthday. So it was like a double celebration last September. I finally completed my course of Hemodialysis Technician Course this year. I successfully pass the Dialysis Tech Exam and just graduated in time. I know I haven't mention why I choose another medical field program but I guess I'll talk about that some other time or in another blog post.

So Anyway back to the story...

Actually the graduation ceremony was really fast. I felt like we only stayed there a few minutes and just listened to some fellow student speeches. After the ceremony we went to a buffet restaurant near my school. I only invited my few of my close friends and of course my bf attended too.

I felt that day was the start of my new life where as I left behind the bitterness and blaming myself for all the bad luck I experience this year. I'm becoming more optimistic type of person now believe it or not.

Well that's all for now =)

I'm still recovering for last Thursday night Hotel Halloween Costume party. Ugh I'm still exhausted.

Until next time,

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