.My Randomness 61 : FOURSQUARE && IG VIDEOGRAM

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Why hello there again....

Time for another random post!

Sorry I have been really busy last month and I hardly used my laptop because of the keys to my keypad are not working at all. No bueno at all! Basically I used my Samsung tab to write this blog post. For a meantime I used the on-screen keypad to type words but it got to the point I dislike clicking the mouse pad all the time. So I decided to buy a replacement of my keypad, it took me for a while to decide whether its worth buying a replacement or just buy a new damn laptop. However I ended up buying a replacement and I'm able to use my laptop properly. I feel like it's a brand new laptop for some reason. I'm happy I'm back on blogging again, I have no more reason not to blog anymore = (


There are two things I'm really addicted to lately. FOURSQUARE and INSTAGRAM VIDEOS.

 When my classmates and I went to a roadtrip to Anaheim last June, one of my classmate introduced me to the addiction of check-in on FOURSQUARE. At first I found it weird when she kept on saying about "Oh I have to check-in.." every time we go certain places around the area we stayed in. As she talk about more and more about the concept of using foursquare, my curiosity grow and now I'm officially addicted to this social networking app.

So far this is my foursquare profile...

[  Left pic : Display about my friends, stats, photos, tips badges and lists. Also in the bottom the places where I check-in.  ]
[  Right pic: This are my badges so far. Every time I check-in to new places I get a certain badges and levels too.  ]

[  Left pic: Sometimes I like to write a simple tips to some of the places I go to. ]
[ Right pic: And of course I posted some random pictures too. It's not fun without the pictures. Capture the moment! ]

Last but not the least, I'm addicted to IG VIDEOGRAM. Ever since I used instagram I have always wish somehow I can post videos on instagram and share it with all my followers. And I think instagram personally granted my wish. So thank you thank you IG!!! Hopefully next time they'll make the videos longer than 30 sec!! Please Please =)

So here are some couple of videos I posted in my instagram account.

[ Left to right : Fionna's Birthday party and Roadtrip with my ampoon, going to Palm Spring ]

[  Left to right: Last day with my girl and baking some muffin with my boo ]

Anyway, that's all for now...
I feel like I'm getting more and more boring of a person each day

I miss blogging and I miss you guys too ^^

Until next time,

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