.My Randomness 60 : SHORTY LIKE MINE


Hello Hello Hello.

After a long overdue decision making, I finally decided to cut my hair. Although I love having long straight hair, I felt like it's the time for change.

Before I get into details about my new hair...

here are some vain selca's pictures I have when I had my long hair.

Sweet memories with my hair =)

You guys know what I'm talking about. I felt like I needed to leave behind the past that I thought was supposed to be permanent. A sudden change in my life that I didn't have any control with. So I thought maybe if I cut my hair, I'll take back that control in my life and I will face the challenges in my life with a new fresh look in life. My hair was a symbol to the life I had, and the life I'm going to take. I don't know what and who am i in the future. But I'm certain that I'm going to fight back

Life is short. So does my hair now.

After few weeks of compliment about my new fabulous hair, I also went back to dark brown hair.

Well that's all for now..

 I'm going to LA again next month... so hopefully I pass the exit exam =) Another road trip for me.

I'm excited yet I'm worried. =(

Until next time,


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