.My Randomness 57 : Half full and half empty space..

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To update you guys about what I have been doing lately with my life...

Well, my life turned to a 180 degrees switch of busy part-time worker to a full-time student at night this year.
To be honest, I sometimes thought about having an escape button in my life and disappear for a while. I think I took too much responsibility in my life and I almost forgot to take a breather once in awhile.

Luckily, I had a break from school after my finals. So there was my breather...﹋o﹋

During my break, I had this obsession of taking pictures of empty places. I feel the sense of peaceful and calming way when I walk into an empty place. I think about people go through this places, it becomes crowd ed and empty at the end of the day. I know I'm letting you guys know a little weirdoness about me again.

Anyway, so enjoy some pictures I took during/after my work at my workplace. And if you know where all of this picture located, its obvious that you know where I'm working right now.⊙﹏⊙

Okay the last one is the not in my work place but I really like this place. MORE COLORS for me!

Well what do you guys do when your alone in an empty space??

Well that's all for now..


Until next time,

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