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If you decide to read this blog post right now, I must warn you that this is a long overdue blog post. I really wanted to post but i ended up prolonging it way too much.  But anyhow I finally had the time to post it. And another warning to tell you guys, beware of my continous overdue date blog post.

okay back to the story...

The month of february was really overwhleming for me to deal with. I got my finals, valentines day, monthsary date, and at last but not the least my birthday party. (All I could say is that..... TOO MUCH SPENDING MONEY!!!!!! ~T_T~ )

Okay seriously back to the real story of this post....≧﹏≦

Actually I spend my valentines day at school where I took my finals and passed it that day. After school, I went out with my yeobo to spend some quality time with him because I missed him so much and I wanted to tell what happened to me during my finals. Few days before the valentines day, my yeobo actually gave me an early valentines day gift; a ruby heart shaped ring. This is his third time giving me a ring as a gift. I asked him why he gave me another ring and he replied "Three rings equals I love you, and the most important ring is  the third one, it's you" Awwww... How cheesy of him! Well we didn't really did much that day, it was like another ordinary day for us to spend some quality with one another. ♥♡♥♡♥♡

Well that's all for now..

BYE-BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~^O^~

Until next time,

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