.My JOURNAL 74 : Hannah's 22nd Birthday

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*-*-*-*-*Late post*-*-*-*

Last month's birthday girl was the one and only Miss. Hannah Banana. (WOAT WOAT!!)We celebrated her birthday at our favorite Korean BBQ Restaurant. We ordered the eat all you can bbq with peach soju that day and we even surprised her with birthday cake.

Time really flies by so quick that we are used to celebrate our teen years, and now look at us we are in our pre-adult life and still acts like a teenager. Like we didn't aged at all. I can't imaging myself without my crazy friends special my ypg girls. I miss them all. Hopefully we can have a reunion this coming December. I'm wishing for that to happen!

Anyway, back to Hannah's Special Day...

We were planning to buy here an ube cake at Red Ribbon, but they only have mocha crunch so we ended up buying her the mocha crunch instead of the ube cake.

While we were eating, we noticed that the Birthday girl became the master korean bbq chef and RV was just waiting for the food to be cook a.k.a the EATER of the food.

Well that's all for now..

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