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Hi ^^

Today's blog post it's all about september and october food adventure.

It's what I do best.

(but most of the time.. EAT MORE)

hahaha... PIGGING OUT!

But before I brag about the food that my friends and I ate,  I arrange all the pictures into a category:




So now I give you guys GOOD eats.


Once in a while this stomach of mine, loves to eat delicious food at work.


And when I'm with my close friends To do our usual random night foodtrip. We eat and we pig out to the max!


Obviously by now, you guys should know that I have a sweet tooth. I love eating sweet stuff special dessert food.

and when i want to eat simple food to relive my stress from work or my Life crisis i got a solution for that..

All pictures are edited on my phone, I used the photoshake App for creating the collage and some few stamps in Line app.

Well that's all for now..

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures I posted,  I know I did ^^

Until next time,


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I haven't really officially introduce to you guys my new phone.

   SAMMY S3!!!

I got the new Samsung Galaxy s3 from sprint in May. I was really looking forward to getting this phone, not only because I saved up my money for this bad boy but i also got the phone before anyone else. Yes I got it pre-order. I just love SAMSUNG products! I have two used and one currently using Samsung cameras and two used Samsung cellphone. My next target is Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 or Samsung TV. Yeahhhhh I'm in debt Again!!!

This is what I see everyday I use my phone. (Isn't it beautiful?) I used my cherry blossom pic fr. Jtown to be my cellphone background. On the left side, I got all my alarm set up because you know me, I don't just wake up

This is my collection of cellphone case so far ....

[ I got Three wallet cases, two sillicon cases, and two thin cover cases. ]

and of course I need to have many faces of me holding my phone. (I'm so vain) My phone is one of my top five must have in my bag Every time I'm going to work or just going ouy with my friends. Nowadays I do all my blogging here on my phone. Actually I'm typing this right on my phone. (*^﹏^*)

Well that's all for now ..

I'm just waiting for my two more phone case I ordered online! I can't wait!

Thanks for reading my blog post..

Until next time,


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Two Birthday parties that I attended last month was Justine's 21th and my yeobo's 25th Birthday. I know it's one of my late blog posts again. UGH, I hate doing this to you guys, I feel like I'm a big talker yet no action at all. Tskkk.. tskkk.. tskkk.. !!

Anyway enough about my rambling, back to the story,

So Yeapp.. I really had a fun at both birthday parties. When we went to Justine's Birthday party, it was really a fun experience to met new people and see some familiar faces as well. I feel so young again. Young wild and free?? hahaha Just kidding.

so here are some pics we had at Justine and Jay's Birthdays.

Well that's all for now...

Looking forward this month's oct baby =) Hannah's Birthday is coming up next month! Planning to bake a cake for her.

Until next time,