.My Randomness 51 : HELLO KITTY & TRUFFLES

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MEOW ^_____^

Recently, I bought this cute hello kitty Sunglasses and I'm feeling awesome every time I wear this bad girl sunglasses. Just kidding =) But I do look awesome with this sunglasses right?? pls agree with me. Well okay don't argee with me if you don't wanna..

But anyway... Hmmmm awkward!! It's obvious that it's already mid-sept and I haven't even posted one blog post this month. Maybe that's the reason why I keep blabbing like this to you guys. What can I say? Life seems to be always.. hmm.. kinda.. well.. THE SAME!

Ohh I know, the only thing that suck this month was that I became ill for the past few days last week. Going to work when you're sick is no fun at all. I felt like i'm dying. But somehow i survived my emotional illness, so now I'm feeling good and healthy as ever I could be. Yes, I know I'm bragging about it!

Enough about my body and soul... (LMAO)

One more cool thing I got this month was my new cute stuffed toy that my bf bought for me. My yeobo bought it for me when we went to San Lorenzo for Fionna's housewarming party. One of the reasons why he bought me a dog stuffed toy was that I was bugging/nagging him about the idea of us getting a dog. Not just any kind of dog but my favorite and my current obsession a WELSH CORGI dog.

Who doesn't love corgi?? SOO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!

[My truffles wearing my hello kitty sunglasses]

Well that's all for now..

I'll check more corgi pics =D that's my happiness!!

Until next time,

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