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Two Birthday parties that I attended last month was Justine's 21th and my yeobo's 25th Birthday. I know it's one of my late blog posts again. UGH, I hate doing this to you guys, I feel like I'm a big talker yet no action at all. Tskkk.. tskkk.. tskkk.. !!

Anyway enough about my rambling, back to the story,

So Yeapp.. I really had a fun at both birthday parties. When we went to Justine's Birthday party, it was really a fun experience to met new people and see some familiar faces as well. I feel so young again. Young wild and free?? hahaha Just kidding.

so here are some pics we had at Justine and Jay's Birthdays.

Well that's all for now...

Looking forward this month's oct baby =) Hannah's Birthday is coming up next month! Planning to bake a cake for her.

Until next time,

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