.My Randomness 50 : THE WORKING BAG ∩__∩

by - 1:17 AM


I just want to share a quick blog post about the recent purchase I made this month. I have been browsing around online to find this perfect bag for me to use as my working ba. At my job, we are required to have a clear bag to use for some security reasons.

My bf's mom gave me my first clear bag, although it was pink and I got a lot of compliment about the bag, I'm more of "message bag" kind of girl than the regular shoulder bag.

Also I don't like the feeling of carrying things in my shoulder, i rather be holding things in my hand or near my body. I'm a forgetful lucy too. Trust me, I tend to forget/lose small things ever since i can remember.


I present to you guys..

my pink flower clear bag =)

what do you guys think about my working bag?? pretty isn't it?

Well that's all for now..

Tomorrow is my day-off!!  yeah I'm happy again = ]

Until next time,

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  1. ahhh that's so cute!! I've seen bags like that around here lately and it seems like they're becoming very trendy! I really want one ~~ also I agree with you about the shoulder bags vs messenger bags. messenger bags are so much more convenient

    1. Aww thank u for the comment :) i really appreciate that •﹏•

  2. I've never liked clear bags but this bag is sooo cute I love it ^^ And it's PINK I love the colour!!

    Love from Emi

    Your newest follower ^^ Keep up the posts ^^