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Wow I can't believe it but August is about to end in a couple of days and pretty much I'm having a writer's block kind of moment right now. Instead of making an effort to keep up with my blog post, I myself have to admit that I'm more updated at instagram more than anything else. Facebook? Boring. Twitter? Rarely post my thoughts there. Tumblr? Just liking pictures is what I do best on that site.

How about Instagram? Well. Ever since I got myself an ipod touch, I've had my ig account. Then I moved on with my Iphone (took a lot of amazing pics) and now I'm using my Samsung galaxy s3 which was pretty amazing move for instagram to have it on android too. Now IG is like the only social network I check everytime I have my phone on my hand.

Who doesn't love IG?????

So here are the photos I posted on instagram from my month of August.

Hope you guys find it interesting! and if you don't? oh well.

#1. Eating Korean food with my crazy friends..

#2 I'm trying to be a mysterious girl here...

#3 MEOW... Loving this vintage throw pillow

#4 of course I'm still inlove with my Calpico Mango

#5 I'm so grumpy.. I'm hungry

#6 My super taco

#7 Our last minute road trip.. went to San Lorenzo to drop off Fionna =)

#8 Taro MilkTea at Eggettes

#9 Why hello there... chocolate eggettes

# 10. Fionna's toys.

#11. My favorite lunch food : Salmon Teriyaki

#12. my mom and i getting massage

#13. Spider Roll at Tokyo House

#13. Edible Flowers

#14. Our 15th monthsary, my booboo gave me some chocolates 

#15. My new perfume

#16. More samples to try from SKINFOOD.

#16. Trying the new Maybelline's lipbalm

#17. Eating pizzia at Castro

#18. Having a huge headache

#19. More Korean products

#20. The abnormal me.

#21. We are the three blind mice


#23. Wizard of Oz's Painting

#24. With my Crazy Friends.

#25. More edible flowers in different colors.

#26. Last but not the least, me as a tired lady just came home fr. work ●﹏●

Although I didn't post all of the pics I had from IG, im saving some of them for my other blog post.

So watch out for that =D

Well that's all for now...

Until next time,

.My Randomness 50 : THE WORKING BAG ∩__∩



I just want to share a quick blog post about the recent purchase I made this month. I have been browsing around online to find this perfect bag for me to use as my working ba. At my job, we are required to have a clear bag to use for some security reasons.

My bf's mom gave me my first clear bag, although it was pink and I got a lot of compliment about the bag, I'm more of "message bag" kind of girl than the regular shoulder bag.

Also I don't like the feeling of carrying things in my shoulder, i rather be holding things in my hand or near my body. I'm a forgetful lucy too. Trust me, I tend to forget/lose small things ever since i can remember.


I present to you guys..

my pink flower clear bag =)

what do you guys think about my working bag?? pretty isn't it?

Well that's all for now..

Tomorrow is my day-off!!  yeah I'm happy again = ]

Until next time,

.My Randomness 49: S & M

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Hi to all my fellow bloggies again =)

This blog post is a way too over dueeeeeee so be patient with me and enjoy reading my blog post!!!

I have been meaning to tell you guys this but..

here it goes..

To be honest, now that I'm in my 20's I feel like I'm not that friendly person that I used to be. Yes I admit that when I was in high school I gain a lot of friends, some of them were true and some of them were fake.
Usually I love hangout with a lot of people and just have a blast with them. But over the past few years, I became more selective about the people I trust and be friends with.That's why when I started working at my current job, I knew it's going to be a little bit difficult for me to be instantly be friendly with everyone. Specially I work in a place where people constantly go in and out.

So over the past 3 months, I made two new friends at work; Silvia and Mylene.

Mylene and I met the first day of training. We were the only two girls who were hired so obviously we immediate became friends. New hires like us have to stick together against the seniors. Just kidding =D

While on the other hand, I became friends with Silvia when they assign her to be my partner in one of our assignment during my first few weeks at our job. She's really a sweetheart and everybody likes her.

Well's thats all for now..

I'm in the process of changing my layout and fixing an error here in my blog X__X

Until next time,