.My Randomness 48: Preview of WW Road trip ❤

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The highlight of the month of July was my one-day vacation at Waterworld with my b4 ∩__∩

Took all of the pics in my sam s3 and posted it in instagram

you guys should follow me @ladyk11 

I promise I'll write a long/detailed blog post about our adventure at Waterworld..

Until next time,

.My Randomness 47: Hoping it's not too late=D

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Hi to all my fellow bloggieee =)

I can't believe I wasted the month of July without posting a new blog post. ︶︿︶

So far my life seems to be in boring/routine mode. You know.. SLEEP.EAT.WORK!! Sometimes minus eating, just work and sleep. ~.~ I felt like a survivor this past few weeks. I have been working overtime and always exhausted.

Well enough about my real life drama of working.. hahaha =D

Obviously my blog post today is about FOOD. 
you know pictures of yummy food. hahaha

Why FOOD??

because I love taking pictures of food and sharing the pics with you guys  = ̄ω ̄=

or in other words...


So like G.NA says "Are you ready?"

here we go...

Well that's all for now...

Going to Waterworld tomorrow with my b4 =) my one-day summer vacation =(

Until next time,