.My Randomness 46: BE GOOD TO MY SKIN ♡


 Recently I felt like since I'm doing a good job at work, I need a "rewarding myself" moment right now. I have been working hard and saving my own money that I almost forgot to give a little self gifting to myself. You know what I mean... it's time to spoil myself =D YEAHHH ME!!

 I decided to buy myself a useful tool that I could everyday when I'm getting ready to go to work. At first I thought of buying new make up brushes, but i knew I needed something to clear my skin. My acne is becoming severe now that I have to wear make-up the whole day at work. So  I finally bought myself a new SIGMA POLISH spa brush kit for cleansing and new skin care for my acne control.

 Also not long time ago, I change my skin care products especially for my cleaners. I bought this korean skin care product cleanser. (to try it out first) then the sales lady gave me a bunch of sample for the complete line to try.


Oh and I bought this BB Cream too. To foundation to BB cream?? what do you guys think??

Well that's all for now...

Update about me:  So far my back pain are gone because of the two session of massage I had this week. I feel good and relax. Yeah for Massage therapists!!!!!! 

Until next time,


  1. How much is the sigma spa kit? That sounds awesome. I'd love to try it. =)

  2. amazing post :)
    I really love it!


  3. great post! i just wanted to comment informing you that my old blog that you followed has been moved to a new blog, www.kelseyarkills.com, and since i can't move all the followers to the new blog, i was wondering if you could think about following the new one. thanks so much!