.My Randomness 46: BE GOOD TO MY SKIN ♡


 Recently I felt like since I'm doing a good job at work, I need a "rewarding myself" moment right now. I have been working hard and saving my own money that I almost forgot to give a little self gifting to myself. You know what I mean... it's time to spoil myself =D YEAHHH ME!!

 I decided to buy myself a useful tool that I could everyday when I'm getting ready to go to work. At first I thought of buying new make up brushes, but i knew I needed something to clear my skin. My acne is becoming severe now that I have to wear make-up the whole day at work. So  I finally bought myself a new SIGMA POLISH spa brush kit for cleansing and new skin care for my acne control.

 Also not long time ago, I change my skin care products especially for my cleaners. I bought this korean skin care product cleanser. (to try it out first) then the sales lady gave me a bunch of sample for the complete line to try.


Oh and I bought this BB Cream too. To foundation to BB cream?? what do you guys think??

Well that's all for now...

Update about me:  So far my back pain are gone because of the two session of massage I had this week. I feel good and relax. Yeah for Massage therapists!!!!!! 

Until next time,

.My Randomness 45 : TUESDAY DAY OFF


Have I told you guys that I only have ONE DAY'S OFF per week? Yes, just one freaking day off or as I call it "my freeeedom day" Hahahaha : D Actually my first week of work, I had my first day off in SUNDAY which was really good because I had the same day off as my yeobo, so I had the chance to hangout with him  that day. Then the following week, they change my schedule and gave me TUESDAY as my official day off.

Most of the time, I spend my day off  doing a lot of errands on my own. You know the one who pays the bill online/mail, driving teacher, grocery shopper, always doing the laundry, pickup/drop off someone, and do the car wash. YEAP that's all me in one day.

Last Tuesday, I spend my day off with this two guys right here; Hannah and RV. Although it was a short period of time, it was nice to hangout with them again. RV is still fun and Hannah is still sarcastic.
Awwwwwww... my crazy/annoying real close friends, I just love them. 

I can't wait to go on our summer road trip and spend more quality time with them. I need a break from my job. ASAP PLS!

Well that's all for now....

Update about me: I injured my back and it really hurts me to bend my back. Now I'm planning to get a massage tomorrow with RV

Until next time,


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When I'm at work, I always carry this book that I bought early this month, it's called "FEELING GOOD (new mood therapy)" by David Burn. Frankly I was not planning to buy a book that day in the bookstore (one of stores in my job) but I was really having a stressful day and I just need something to ease my mind from my frustration. While I was browsing, I kept thinking "I need something to calm me down right" then I saw this book and I immediately purchase it.

The first time I was reading the book, I was hooked and amazed how this book really helped me handle my mood swings, feeling guilty all the time, overcoming my perfectionism and deal with criticism from other people. This book taught me about how to change my ways from thinking negatively to positive and build self-esteem just being myself. The first few chapters of the book, Dr. Burns discuss about 10 Cognitive Distortions (self-defeating thoughts) that people with depression do.

 - All-or-Nothing Thinking
- Overgeneralization
- Mental Filter
- Disqualifying the Positive 
- Jumping to Conclusions 
- Magnification and Minimization 
- Emotional Reasoning 
- Should Statements
- Labeling and Mislabeling 
- Personalization.

I think I have 4 out of 10 Cognitive Distortions that the doctor was talking about overgeneralization, jumping to conclusions, labeling and mislabeling, and personalization. He also talked about anxiety, guilt, low self-esteem, procrastination, and ways to overcome perfectionism.

Although I'm not done reading the book, I recommend this book to some people who thinks nobody in this world love/care/understand them and everything happening in their lives are just unfair and misfortune events.     The more you read the book, the more you can help and feel good about yourself.

Well that all for now..

I need to sleep early today. I have to wake up 3:00 am tomorrow

Until next time,

.My Randomness 44 : 2012 JUNE Photo Captures



Korean AiR | Birthday Cake | My first BB Cream | Korean side dishes | Wall Clock at my job

.My Randomness 43 : Hello June, I bought more pink stuffs


I'm happy that I survived my first month at work. Although I'm still having a hard time waking up 3 hours early before I go to work. I look like I'm a walking zombie every morning when I wake up. Let just say that I was not a morning person back then and I'm still I'm not a morning person right now. So people better watch out for me in the morning, or else..! ~___~ Then I go to the bathroom and wash my face with cold water and wake myself up and just start my day getting ready to go to work.

Aside from that daily routine update about me, I found myself collecting more pink stuff in my work bag. My bag fills with shade of pink. HOT PINK to LIGHT PINK, I got it all. Speaking of new and pink, my mom surprisingly bought me a new perfume called "Very Hollywood" by Micheal Kors. I have to admit I never really like girl's perfume, I prefer guy's perfume. I just love smelling guy's perfume. My yeobo thinks I'm nuts when I talk about how I love smelling guy's perfume. He thinks I'm a weird girl. But I always tell him "who cares if I like guy's perfume. that's just me. Deal with my weirdness.."

The first time I smelled the perfume that my mom bought me, remarkably I really liked it. The smell reminds me of a certain flower I used to smell when I was younger. It's a simple flowery smell and more on classy smell of perfume. I don't know that's just my opinion. Feel free to disagree =D

Well that's all for now...

I'll leave you guys with a random picture of me, wearing one of my new sunglasses I bought last week. I can't wait to use it on our road trip in July. MOI EXCITED!!

Until next time,