.My Randomness 42 : Oh my FLOWERS!

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Nowadays because of my new job, I don't have time and energy to do other things except working and sleeping. I'm so behind with my blogging. I'm totally M.I.A this month. Oh I wish I could take a two days off instead of one day off only. I just want to dedicate a whole day by myself at home and just blog away.

Anyway to make it up from this month lack of blog post, I'll give to you guys a couple of pictures of flowers I randomly took this month. Yes flowers the are the best answer to say "I'm sorry I neglected you my little sanity world of blogging"

The first two pictures of flowers was from my yeobo for our one year anniversary gift. We didn't do anything special because I was working until 7 pm that day. So we stayed home and watched a movie. As for the last two pictures, I randomly took those pictures from the side the walk and sometimes near the restaurant my yeobo and I dine out.

Well that's all for now..

I'll be posting more short post for now =(

Until next time,

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