.My Randomness 41 : My Training days as a new hired =(

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[ View of the parking lot at my job... Guess where am I? ]

[ I got my schedule calendar ]

[ Finally I got my clear bag. thanks to my bf's mom. She gave the bag to me. ]


My days as a trainee was pretty much exhausting everyday. Everyday I wake up at 6 and I go back home at 6 to 7 pm. I felt like I'm a sponge in a overflowing tub of water, trying so hard to absorb a lot of information in my brain but somehow my brain doesn't want to take it all in. I felt like a student again, wearing a certain uniform, always black shoes, clear bags and a lot of paperworks to do.

SO UGH! I know I shouldn't be complaining about this, instead I should be thankful I got this job. For now, I should just take it day by day and hope for better days at work.

Well that's all for now...

Side note: I miss my B4 friends =(

Until next time,

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