.My JOURNAL 68: RV is Back + Chowking time =)

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Yes!!! RV is Back!!

<---[ Late post ]--->

I can't believe it, time really flies by and RV is back from his vacation. The B4 (Bitter4ever) are complete again! The funny/brutally honest person is back!

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As soon as RV came back, the next day we met up with him and went to his working place to see if when he will go back to work again. Then we wander around at Castro and just listen to all of his stories about his wild vacation.

[ We saw this huge dog with his owner. He's name is Luke ]

Later on that weekend, we decided to pay a visit to Fionna's new house at San Lorenzo and eat at Chowking. Our first roadtrip to San Lorenzo was almost an hour because of the traffic and we got lost for quite some time. But little did we know as soon as we found Fionna's house, she wasn't there yet. So we decided to go to Walmart for a little shopping spree.

Then after we went shopping and the three of us are already hungry, we went back to Fionna's house and took off to eat at Chowking that day.

[Now that we are complete, time to go to Chowking!]

[Camerawhoring while waiting for our food..]

[ Hannah with Fionna's huge teddy bear ]

[ Then it was time to go home, I took the last two picture at the Bay Bridge. ]

Well that's all for now...

Update about me:

TIRED.. TIRED.. TIRED. I'm so tired. I'm still adjusting at work and I have a lot of paperworks to learn.

Until next time,

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