.My Randomness 40 : Puzzle + Doodling with me

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What is the relationship between puzzle and doodling?

The answer is simple, puzzling and doodling are my newest hobbies that I like to do when I want to reduce my stress levels and to boost my brain power/memory. I'm one of those people who can forget things easily. I think I do have an explanation for this. It is because I tend to memories things that I'm really passionate about or good memories I want to remember, rather than bad memories or what I think is not important for me.

My closest friends knows this about me, sometimes I do forget their names when I try to call them. It's embarrassing to admit that but I'm really that forgetful person.

Anyway, back to puzzling and doodling..

There was a time when my bf and I went to the bookstore after our gym workout session at SSF. While we were just wandering around the kid section, suddenly we thought about buying a puzzle.
At first I was really against buying the puzzle because I know for a fact that my friends are really crazy about puzzle making and I don't want to be like them. Also I know that I don't have patients and I get so easily frustrated when I can't finish something I'm doing. But after convincing me to buy it, my bf and I negotiated that we should go for the 100 pieces first. And if we succeeded, we can buy the next level of puzzle making which is 200 pieces!

[ Yeah!!! our first puzzle is complete! ]

As for my doodling, my bf bought me this book about creating doodling and some creative project you can do with doodling. I really enjoy reading the book. Although I'm not really good at doodling, it really helps to clear out my mind and stay creative as well.

Here is my first time doing the "blind-test" doodling....

[ I'm not done yet.. I need more elements to it! ]

Well that's all for now...

Update about me:

I'm starting my first day at work maybe on Monday or so.
I got my uniform and I bought new shoes as well. All I need now is a clear bag.

Until next time,

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