.My Randomness 37 : Back to Bangs

by - 3:28 PM

After all of my TMI post on my last blog entire, I was thinking that I should write a random blog post today to distract people from what  I've had exposed about myself. I was supposed to go to an interview last Friday, but they ended up cancelling it and reschedule it on Thursday. Since I need to make myself presentable, I'm practically desperate to get an hair cut last weekend.

So today I bring you guys my new haircut

As you can see on my before and after pics, the difference to my new haircut was obviously my bangs and the length of my hair. My hair on the left is really unmanageable and just blahhh, while my hair on my right is in the right length and sleekly straight.

I'm back to kima bangs again (that's what my friends call me when they see me with my new bangs)

Time for some camerawhoring...

I'm trying to go back to my girly side, I miss dressing up and I miss my girl friends too =(

Well that's all for now...

Hopefully I'll get the job this week.

Until next time,

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  1. oh lovely hair cut, my bangs is always uncooperative so I gave up on this look, although it's so pretty and classic, good luck on the job thing btw! keeping my fingers crossed for you girl!