.My Randomness 36: It's good mood food.

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Ever since I joined the gym and I got sick last week, I tried to change my eating habit. One thing I hate people do is always assuming that I only eat unhealthy food because I'm a big girl and that really pissed me off sometimes. My problem is that I lack at exercising but I'm more on taking food inside my body. Yapp I'm ashamed of myself over the years. However, slowly but surely I'm trying control myself from eating too much sweet dessert and fatty food now. Also I'm trying to stay on track with my fitness exercising. My yeobo bought me some awesome running shoes for our monthsary. (I requested him to buy me those shoes.) I'm planning to lose a couple of pounds this year. I'm trying to eat more organic food and a lot of soups.

Oh and one more thing my trainer suggested that I should avoid eating rice too.
When he said that, one question i had in mind... "How on earth an Asian like me can avoid eating rice?"

Well that's all for now...

Hope you guys enjoy all the pictures that I shown above. ^^

Wow I can't believe it's already April and 10 more days RV is back from his trip! I miss my bff  (╥_╥) 

Until next time,

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