.My JOURNAL 67 : The beginning of Cell and the Interview..

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On Wednesday, because of my curiosity I suddenly joined a bible study group. (Yes I know weird huh?)  Actually my friend's old sister texted me last week and asked me if I wanted to meet some of her friends. Considering that it's been a long time since I hangout with Fionna and her old sister's Faye, I automatically said yes.

But little did I know, it's going to be a bible study group. Although Fionna reassured me that it's not going to be a typical bible study group and it's not a big group of people. When she told me that I was really looking forward to see what kind of bible study she was talking about.

I also had a one good reason why I wanted to join, my reason was that I was really seeking some kind of outlet to talk to God and thank him for all the blessing he have given to me this couple of months. I knew by joining a bible study group, I wanted to feel calm and collective at the same time. Moreover I was hoping my nervousness for my interview the next day will gradually decrease by talking to God about it. (which is really helped me!)

When I finally met some of Ate Faye's fellowship, they were really nice to me and they even gave me a book and a cute card saying that they were glad that that I joined their group. Actually they don't it a 'bible study group', they call it 'the cell'. At the beginning of the cell, they made us answer some ice breaker questions, then we have to sing a song. Then we read a small reading from the bible and tried to comprehend what God really wanted us to know or values that we learn from it.

Nowadays, before I go to sleep or when I wake up in the morning, I always read this book and just try to have a conversation with God.

As for my interview on last Thursday, well let just say that I got the JOBBBBBBBBB!! yeah!! My future supervisor immediately told to me that I'm hired after the interview and they wanted me to go to back on Monday to start the orientation and finish all the paper work.

Well that's all for now..

I don't know when I'm going start working but i'm going to blog less again. (´ヘ`;)

I should end this blog post with a little bit of experimental hair color at photoshop...

I bring to you guys my blonde hair =)

Until next time,

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