.My JOURNAL 66 : J-town is to be love forever

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One of my favorite places to go around San Francisco is always been Japantown. I love going to Japantown because of the culture, variety of japanese food, pika pika, clothes, cute stuff, stores, and many more. Also Korean Restaurant are located near Japantown so for me that's the best deal of all. Having Korean and Japanese food near me, it's like a best of both world.

 Last 2 weeks ago, my bf and I went to Japantown for some quality bonding time together; its been awhile since we went out and act like a couple of tourist around San Francisco. 

I never get tired of Japantown~!

So without further a due, here are our fully load pictures we took when we went to Japantown... so please bare with us =D

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Cute Colored Fishes!

Cako~!! oh i wish I could eat all the cupcakes they make...

When we got there, my bf wanted to eat something new that day. As we wander around Japantown, we saw one menu that really caught our attention and it was at "On the Bridge" restaurant. On the Bridge is literally on the Japantown bridge over Webster, and is a little Japanese cafe with Japanese "western" food fusion type of restaurant.  We always pass by at this restaurant but never really had the chance to go inside and eat there.

I don't remember the name of what I ordered but it was really delicious.

Then we shared just one smore's cupcake at Cako.

Of course days like this at Japantown is nothing without shopping time. Before we head out and call it a day, my yeobo bought this cute bobble head and he always bought me this cute HIME Shrimp stuff toy.

Still in their cute little container...^^

 How cute they are ~! Awwww Our dancing dragons =)


and here how it looks like in my car door.

Later that day, I bought this three for one wet n wild nail polished.


Then on Sunday we came back for the first two days of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I always hear about the Cherry Blossom Festival to some people, and they say always nice things about the festival, but I never really actually went to the annual festival. Everytime I hear about it, I always say to myself  "I'm going next year for sure..". But somehow I always hear myself saying this over the years.

Anyway, but at least this year I came for sure. Even though I don't like places with crowded people and bridges that I have to cross over (which I'm really afraid of heights), I'm really glad that I came with my yeobo and shared new experiences with him.


Rainbow shaved iced

Let's dig in!!!! 

No make up, and I'm walking like a zombie with a rainbow flavor shave ice in my hand.

We ate almost half of the shaved ice and we already gave up. BRAIN FREEZE!

After all the walking, eating, taking pictures, looking around some interesting booth they have at the festival, we were exhausted.

It's time to go home......................!

Last two picture of us at my bf's car, on our way home!

Well that's all for now,

I might post the part 2 of Cherry Blossom Festival parade maybe next week or so..

I'm a little bit behind for some of my blog post.

Oh well ~__~

Until next time,

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