.My JOURNAL 67 : Hot day = Beach day!

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Hot Hot Hot Weather!!

Lately I have been whining a lot about how my bf and I don't go to the beach anymore just the two of us. I kept on nagging him about it. I told him repeatedly "oh we should go to this ____ beach one time.." but every time we have the chance, the weather is pretty much against us. Always cold and foggy..

 Luckily the weather two weeks ago was the perfect time for my yeobo and I to go to the beach. I just love our "spur of the moment" sometimes; you know what they say "it's the unexpected that changes our lives" and now that I think about it, he's my unexpected that really change my life for good. ♥

Once again, here's our fully load pictures we took when we went to Pacifica beach.
(i don't know the name of the beach but all I know is the location, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

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.My Randomness 40 : Puzzle + Doodling with me

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What is the relationship between puzzle and doodling?

The answer is simple, puzzling and doodling are my newest hobbies that I like to do when I want to reduce my stress levels and to boost my brain power/memory. I'm one of those people who can forget things easily. I think I do have an explanation for this. It is because I tend to memories things that I'm really passionate about or good memories I want to remember, rather than bad memories or what I think is not important for me.

My closest friends knows this about me, sometimes I do forget their names when I try to call them. It's embarrassing to admit that but I'm really that forgetful person.

Anyway, back to puzzling and doodling..

There was a time when my bf and I went to the bookstore after our gym workout session at SSF. While we were just wandering around the kid section, suddenly we thought about buying a puzzle.
At first I was really against buying the puzzle because I know for a fact that my friends are really crazy about puzzle making and I don't want to be like them. Also I know that I don't have patients and I get so easily frustrated when I can't finish something I'm doing. But after convincing me to buy it, my bf and I negotiated that we should go for the 100 pieces first. And if we succeeded, we can buy the next level of puzzle making which is 200 pieces!

[ Yeah!!! our first puzzle is complete! ]

As for my doodling, my bf bought me this book about creating doodling and some creative project you can do with doodling. I really enjoy reading the book. Although I'm not really good at doodling, it really helps to clear out my mind and stay creative as well.

Here is my first time doing the "blind-test" doodling....

[ I'm not done yet.. I need more elements to it! ]

Well that's all for now...

Update about me:

I'm starting my first day at work maybe on Monday or so.
I got my uniform and I bought new shoes as well. All I need now is a clear bag.

Until next time,

.My JOURNAL 66 : J-town is to be love forever

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One of my favorite places to go around San Francisco is always been Japantown. I love going to Japantown because of the culture, variety of japanese food, pika pika, clothes, cute stuff, stores, and many more. Also Korean Restaurant are located near Japantown so for me that's the best deal of all. Having Korean and Japanese food near me, it's like a best of both world.

 Last 2 weeks ago, my bf and I went to Japantown for some quality bonding time together; its been awhile since we went out and act like a couple of tourist around San Francisco. 

I never get tired of Japantown~!

So without further a due, here are our fully load pictures we took when we went to Japantown... so please bare with us =D

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.My Randomness 39 : April Photo Captures

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Dim Sum Restaurant / My cute Voodoo Doll / Ice Coffee with my name / Fionna at the bookstore / Flowers / Small size Movie clapper board / My HIME shrimp stuff toy / Heart shaped stone.

.My Randomness 38 : My Morning Commute [-_-]


 Last Monday, I went to my orientation and my finger print the next day. And it's been a long time since I took the Bart at Colma Bart. I was a little bit anxious that I might take the wrong train to go to my destination.

 When I got there I was really in a hurry to catch my train, but somehow I forgot to look/remember my parking space before I went to the ticket booth. Then as I walk in front of the ticket booth and read the instruction about the pay rate of the parking space, I realize I have to go back again to my parking space and remember the number. then come back again. I felt really clueless and I don't know what got into me that day. I even miss the train that I wanted to go to, so i had to wait for another couple of minutes for the next train.

While I was waiting for my train to come, I had to do some camerawhoring time since I'm the only passenger there waiting for the train, plus I'm bored too. (◕‿-)

Well that's all for now....

I know it's kinda weird, and confusing why is that I wrote a blog post about this. Well two weeks from now,  I'm starting my 90 days training at work, so I'm taking my time right now to write a couple of blog post before my busy work schedule catch up with me.

BYE-BEE!! =( 

Until next time,

.My JOURNAL 67 : The beginning of Cell and the Interview..

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On Wednesday, because of my curiosity I suddenly joined a bible study group. (Yes I know weird huh?)  Actually my friend's old sister texted me last week and asked me if I wanted to meet some of her friends. Considering that it's been a long time since I hangout with Fionna and her old sister's Faye, I automatically said yes.

But little did I know, it's going to be a bible study group. Although Fionna reassured me that it's not going to be a typical bible study group and it's not a big group of people. When she told me that I was really looking forward to see what kind of bible study she was talking about.

I also had a one good reason why I wanted to join, my reason was that I was really seeking some kind of outlet to talk to God and thank him for all the blessing he have given to me this couple of months. I knew by joining a bible study group, I wanted to feel calm and collective at the same time. Moreover I was hoping my nervousness for my interview the next day will gradually decrease by talking to God about it. (which is really helped me!)

When I finally met some of Ate Faye's fellowship, they were really nice to me and they even gave me a book and a cute card saying that they were glad that that I joined their group. Actually they don't it a 'bible study group', they call it 'the cell'. At the beginning of the cell, they made us answer some ice breaker questions, then we have to sing a song. Then we read a small reading from the bible and tried to comprehend what God really wanted us to know or values that we learn from it.

Nowadays, before I go to sleep or when I wake up in the morning, I always read this book and just try to have a conversation with God.

As for my interview on last Thursday, well let just say that I got the JOBBBBBBBBB!! yeah!! My future supervisor immediately told to me that I'm hired after the interview and they wanted me to go to back on Monday to start the orientation and finish all the paper work.

Well that's all for now..

I don't know when I'm going start working but i'm going to blog less again. (´ヘ`;)

I should end this blog post with a little bit of experimental hair color at photoshop...

I bring to you guys my blonde hair =)

Until next time,

.My Randomness 37 : Back to Bangs

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After all of my TMI post on my last blog entire, I was thinking that I should write a random blog post today to distract people from what  I've had exposed about myself. I was supposed to go to an interview last Friday, but they ended up cancelling it and reschedule it on Thursday. Since I need to make myself presentable, I'm practically desperate to get an hair cut last weekend.

So today I bring you guys my new haircut

As you can see on my before and after pics, the difference to my new haircut was obviously my bangs and the length of my hair. My hair on the left is really unmanageable and just blahhh, while my hair on my right is in the right length and sleekly straight.

I'm back to kima bangs again (that's what my friends call me when they see me with my new bangs)

Time for some camerawhoring...

I'm trying to go back to my girly side, I miss dressing up and I miss my girl friends too =(

Well that's all for now...

Hopefully I'll get the job this week.

Until next time,

.My JOURNAL 66 : My SAD things...

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I just want to share my not so short post about my social anxiety today. For those people who don't know me in real life, I have a social phobia disorder (social anxiety). I get this feeling of nervousness, overthinking, self-conscious, and just in a panic mode at the same time.

"What are the symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder?
Social anxiety is the fear of social situations and the interaction with other people that can automatically bring on feelings of self-consciousness, judgment, evaluation, and inferiority.

Put another way, social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression."
                                                                            - social-anxiety-network.com

One day, while I'm doing my usual procrastination at tumblr, I stumble upon this image quote:

Suddenly I felt like "yes, this quote is about me" I understood what it meant and I'm not the only one who felt this way before. I found more quotes that I really believe that I can relate on
http://socialanxietythings.tumblr.com (so check it out)

People who are just like me with social anxiety, get so irritated quickly and the thoughts&thefeelings that we get usually don't go away so easily even though we have to face our fears on a daily bases. The more people tell me to "take it easy", the more it's impossible for me to relax and go with the flow when I'm around people. Suddenly my heart beats faster, and I keep shaking my hands like I need to have something to keep my hands busy. It's really hard to explain my anxiety sometimes especially the people I'm really close with and it always leads to misunderstanding. People might think I'm a easily go lucky person sometimes, but people don't know I'm already having social anxiety in my mind when I'm in a social situation. I just can't handle it sometimes.

Well that's all for now..

It really took me a lot of courage and time to finally share this personal thoughts about my anxiety with you guys and if ever I met new friends in the future, I'm hoping they can accept me for who I am.
 (Jeez I'm that emotional dramatic. ~.~)

Want some cookies??


Until next time,