.My Randomness 35 : Brown Hair & Talk about being sick

by - 9:30 AM

Oh Hello there!

Since i'm at home and hopelessly sick because of the constant changing weather, I wanted to blog about my new hair color and share some camerawhoring time with you guys.

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Yes I am that conceited when I'm sick. I need my darn soup! where is my soup?!
No i'm just kidding.

 My sickness took me to a whole new level of being sick and I never experience this before ever. Every time I went to sleep, I wake up every two hours and get migraine and try to sleep it off. I used a lot of tissue paper for my runny nose and I finish the one roll. Then I keep coughing so I don't have any choice but not to talk a lot. Then I can't smell or taste the food I'm eating. I felt like i'm dying inside when I had a high fever last Sunday. Luckily I got my huge comforter with me, it helped me stayed warm inside. I might get the runny nose and the coughing but I never experience a high fever and migraine at the same time.

Well enough about my dramatic sickness...

 Before I got sick, I had my brown hair already. I'm tired of my pure black hair, bring on the brown hair =)

After all I'm still recovering from my sickness and the rain outside is helping at all.
                                              SUN!!! I need you!! I'm stuck at home (´ヘ`;)  

  So I might as well blog about my new hair color right now before my life becomes so busy again.

A better view of my hair

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So here is a picture of me being a BED POTATO person. Hiding my bare face because I'm having acne problems again.

Well that's all for now...

Until next time,

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