.My Randomness 31: New Bed, and more fantasy bedrooms =)

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Hello Lovelies, 

I finally got my new bed!!! Woat Woat!!

In recent times, I'm really "in need" of a new bed because my back hurts so bad when I get up and apparently my mom think so too. That why suddenly she decided to buy me a new one. (Thanks mother!) 

Before we bought my new bed, I started having this obsession about different types of bedroom via tumblr. Oh boy I always blame tumblr for having tons of cute stuff in it.

Since we are talking about bedrooms right now,

I'll share some awesome pictures I found in tumblr and I hope you guys like them too.

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Yes, I know i'm too obsesses with pink stuff. (I can't help it) I really like simple yet modern style types of bedrooms out there.

Well that's all for now....

I would really like to show you guys my new bed and my new pillow but my cam-cam is currently damage as I speak. However I send it to the manufacturer to fix the problem and they told me that I'm getting my camera back on Tuesday.

As for now, I don't have any pictures to show you guys..

Once I get my cam-cam back, I will definitely post a picture of my bed and my new jumbo pillow. =)

For now enjoy all the pink bedroom pictures that I keep fantasying about.

Until next time,

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