.My JOURNAL 63 : Me, Myself and I turned 22.


!----One more late blog post----!

Another year, and I'm another year older again. ~.~ To be honest I miss being 21 years old. Sadly I celebrated my birthday with unexpected cold and flu. The day before my birthday, I was really feeling ill and I told my yeobo to go with me at the drug store and buy me some of my OTC medicines. (Another brownie points for him ^^)

Then the next day, even though I was really sick, I tried my best to feel a little bit better so I could enjoy my birthday. I tried to put on heavy make-up so it won't show any sign of my illness. (´ヘ`;)

I had my birthday dinner at Roma Pizzeria with my B4 (that's what we call our own little group now)
My yeobo surprised me again with a huge birthday cookie cake and two pink balloon and one yellow balloon ( ̄□ ̄) (he knows i don't like yellow color and he's just messing with me)

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Camerawhoring again, while waiting for our food.

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I was really craving for some pasta that week, so I was really satisfied when we ate our food.

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Camerawhoring with my birthday cookie cake.

Then after we ate, although I was not really in a good condition, RV insisted that we should go to the bar and have a few drinks. But I told them I'm going to be the sober one that night because I'm still sick and I'm not in the mood for some drinks.

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Well that's all for now,

I'm back on reading manga now ^^

Until next time,


  1. Happy birthday, you look like you had so much fun! :D