Tuesday, March 13

.My Randomness 32: ♡ PINK ITEMS

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Hello Lovelies!!

It's obvious that my favorite color is pink. Look around my blog, it's all about the shade of pink.

Because of my addiction to color PINK, I decided to randomly share to you guys my three all time favorite pink items that I own. Also two more new pink items that I bought at the beginning of the year.

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Because of my lack of blog posting last year, I decided to have this blog post planner/reminder notebook. This notebook really helps me to be more organize and stay on track to all the random things I always write when I'm thinking or ideas I want to blog. I promise to myself this year that I'm going to write more blog post and express my feelings a little bit more when I feel lonely.

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Of course I need to have my phone case in pink. No doubt about it ^^

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Often when we have our own little roadtrip, I always bring my pink eyeglasses case with my current favorite sunglasses or my use my oversize fake reading glasses which ever I prefer that day.

Then I bought two more cute pink stuff at Ichiban.

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Well that's all for now..

Enjoy my little pink addiction. If I showed you guys all my pink stuff, I think this blog post has no ended.
So I have to end it here for now.

I'm feeling a little bit sad today because my cam-cam did not arrive today ~.~
(Where are you coming backkkkk my little cam-cam??????)

Until next time,

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