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Oh hi = ]

I have been a little bit exhausted this past few weeks. It all started when my yeobo and I went on a little roadtrip and  look for my new bookshelves. Ever since I got my new bed, I have been browsing a lot of furniture web sites because my next project was to change my desk into a more suitable bookshelves for all my books, and more girl stuff.

Every time we go to the Great Mall in Milpitas, we always pass by the IKEA store. I always thought of IKEA as a Home depot type of store, so I never knew they were selling furniture there. Then when I found out their website, I immediately wanted to go there and check it out.

By the time we got there, my yeobo and I were a little bit confused on where we should go, luckily someone was there to assist us that day. When we got to the ShowRoom all I could say was that "I belong here". I get that relaxing feeling when I organize all my stuff. Believe me when I say this but I just love to organized and seeing things that are organized. It's like my kind of heaven.

So anyway, here are the items I bought that day...

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My little bookshelves or as I call it "my girly stuff goes here."

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Then I bought this small cd box for all my cd/dvd and my old electronics.
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Last but not the least, AA Battery. hahaha (I really needed new ones and it was on sale that day)

After a few days later, my yeobo and RV helped me built my bookshelves. When I got my bookshelves, I totally did a major spring cleaning at home. I was so exhausted but I can't stop organizing/cleaning that day.

So here's a picture of my new bookshelves right now

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Finally I have more room for my polaroid camera and more cameras to come.. =D

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Another major changes happened to me this past few weeks was getting a gym membership. My bf, RV and I unexpectedly joined Bally Total Fitness.

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I promise myself that 2012 is the year of changes. By joining a gym and exercising constantly is just the first step for me to get healthy and eat more healthy food as well.

Well that's all for now...

I'm so tired right now, I need to sleep now.. Good night everyone = )

Until next time,

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