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(that's me & my yeobo ♥‿♥)

Another late post ....

I have to admit, of all the past relationship I have been through, this year was the first time I celebrated
Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. I mean physically and emotionally with me that day! I do like celebrating  Valentine's Day with my special someone but I do also consider myself as one of those "Single Awareness Day" people and I call it "HEART DAY" not a Valentine's Day.

Nowadays, I really dislike couples that are just into themselves, you know that feeling when they keep gloating in front of  you as a "single" friends and you don't have that significant other to spend it with like they do. I know I might sound like a hypocrite person for saying this but couples like that really annoys me. I'm happy I'm in a relationship this year Heart's Day, however I still consider other people's feelings because I know for a fact that I'm one of those S.A.D people who celebrated it last year.

Well enough about my another weirdo opinion..

hahahahahaha.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway... I know this is long over due blog post..

but here are some of the pictures we took on our HEART'S DAY!

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My Heart's Day started as soon as my yeobo picked me up from my house. He was really excited to give me his present. I was really surprise to see him carrying all of this stuff and as soon as he gave me the balloon, I told him that "You didn't have to buy me a balloon, I don't have a space for it!". (jokingly I demanded) It was a little bit awkward to received all the gifts from him while my dad was there coming from his car and awkwardly asked him "It's not my birthday. why do you have cake? Is that for me? "
  (¬_ ¬") 

Then we picked up his mother and ate our brunch at Beijing buffet. After that we picked up Hannah and RV and watched "The VOW" at Century. I was a little bit disappointed at the end of the movie, it's not the ending I was looking forward to T___T

After the movies, we decided to eat our late night meal at Mel's Drive-In.

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We took a bunch of pictures while waiting for our table at Mel's...

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 Camerawhoring time with them  ^^

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While we were still waiting for our table, everybody was curious about this jukebox and they kept on putting  coins to play their favorite old songs.

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 Finally we got our table and all of us ordered hot chocolate expect my yeobo, he loves his strawberry milkshake drink. I had the sliders, and my yeobo got the newyork steak.

I really had an amazing time that day. I just like spending time with the people that only matters in my life now.

Well that's all for now...

Until next time,

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