.My JOURNAL 60: Neglected to post (January)

by - 11:09 AM

Hello Lovelies...

Wow I can't believe it, January just flew by so quickly and it's already February.

YEAH-YEAH~! you all know that means?
Valentine's Day, Keiro's 1st Birthday and my Birthday is coming up this month.

But before we talk about my busy February, I have to admit that I'm one of those blogger who sometimes neglect to update my blog and often I forget to blog about certain topics that I really wish I blog about, but time really flew by so quick and I always regret not blogging about it every time I go to my blog. I do have some tendency to be a really perfectionist about certain things and sometimes I'm that kind of person who really likes to plan(in my mind) ahead of time, but sometimes if things didn't go the way I planned it to be, I get so frustrated and I just give up so easily.
This year, I really wanted to help myself to grow out from some of my bad habits over the years, which I think sometimes people misunderstand that about me.

Well enough about me...

Today, I'll share some late blogging about my January.
(Sorry January I neglected you so bad ~.~)

What really did happened????

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Well that's all for now...

Hope you guys enjoy some of my edited picture ^^

Until next time,

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