Tuesday, January 24

.My Randomness 27: Eat me now

Hello Lovelies,

The rainy season officially started this week and my life seems to be in hibernation mode. Plans for going out is not an option for now. I decided to stay at home and mainly stay wet free from the rain outside the house.

Anyway, recently I have been eating good mood food. Not just fatty ones but food that are actually health. People tent to think just because I'm in a chubby side type of body, they always assume I don't eat vegetables and fruits. They are always in a surprise/shocking mode when I tell them I like eating health food.
Yes I do acknowledge that I'm fat in my own ways, but don't assume I don't eat health food too. Just ask my yeobo, I always nag him to eat healthy food with me, but instead he likes to eat fatty food like everything in a meat form. (¬_ ¬")

So far, my two favorite food to eat are tangerines and a wheat bread sandwich with chicken beast cut thin and lettuce with lite ranch. ヽ(^◇^*)/

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I'm started eating less rice and more veggies. Small amount of snack when I get hungry and if i'm really hungry well, I just change the channel to food network and start imaging food. Now I'm imaging I'm that yummy sandwich image i just posted. hmmmm I should make myself a sandwich tomorrow =D

Well that's all for now...

I'm hoping this year I'll eat more healthy food and maybe join a gym?

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 18

.My Randomness 26 : Too obsess with Timeline

Lately I have been ignore some of favorite social network (especially my blogspot ~.~ ) but instead I'm becoming too obsess about my Facebook page. Ever since I updated my facebook page in to the new TIMELINE, I feel like I need to constantly uploading new pictures, update my status, and view some people's new timeline cover photos as well.

So to prove to you guys how I'm clearly out of my mind for even talking about this on my blog,

Here are some screen pics I took to show you guys what I have been changing in my facebook page.

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[ I even copied my header in my blogspot and combine it with my background, and use it as my cover photo and fb album cover as well. ]

On the other hand, my life seems to be in a boring mode as for now. My January got nothing interesting to offer to me right now. I'm just waiting for my favorite month of the year to come already. Yes I'm talking about February! I'm looking forward to Valentine's day, my Birthday, and Keiro's 1st Birthday as well. Finally we are going to Sacramento next month, and we are staying there for 3 days!
ROAD TRIP!!! woat woat!!!

Well, that all for now,

 Ughhh, I really need to stop obsessing about this new facebook timeline and I talk too much again..

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 10

.My Randomness 25: French Macaroons

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Hello Lovelies!

Just wanna share some interesting food trip I had last week.
Yes! I finally found a bakery that sells french macaroons. My mom and I been wanting to eat french macaroons for so long ugh. I keep searching bakeries at yelp and I found this place near Japantown. We ordered dozen of macaroons that day and we tried every macaroons they have. Now that our craving for french macaroons fulfilled, I feel so much better and I can finally say "oh I ate one of those french macaroons before" Hahahaha XD

Which one is your favorite kind of french macaroons?

Well that's all for now,

I just wrote a mini blog post today =D

Until next time,

Sunday, January 1

.My JOURNAL 58: `11 NEW YEAR's CHALLENGE! (Late post/overload of pics)

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Yes. I'm doing this fun challenge again. I want to look back on my private yet busy life of 2011

What really happened to my 2011?

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