.My Randomness 55 : Long live friendship

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"Friendship is like standing on wet cement.
 The longer you stay, the harder it's to leave,
and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind"

After a year long haul of planning, we finally had the chance to met up with Marie and hangout! Lately I have been watching our old videos at fb and ypg youtube page, I felt like somehow we could at least make peace of the past, and enjoy each other companies at least one more time. The fact that we lose in touch and move on with our own lives, to be honest I wasn't expecting anything more than awkwardness (now and then) to our mini reunion, but it turn out to be lovely and engaging at the same time. Although it was pouring heavy rain that day, I felt more closer to my friends than ever before. We went to Japantown and ate crepe at our favorite crepe house, went around the mall and took some pictures at pika pika. Marie is still this crazy girl who loves to take pictures everywhere we go and likes to play jokes at Fionna.

Hahahaha welcome back Marie! We miss you

I'm hoping for more hangouts like this next year.. ^^

Well that's all for now...

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.My Randomness 54 : My first time to Micro-what?

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Hi i'm back again with a little bit update about me doing something I should have done it a long long time ago. I'm somewhat skeptical about it at first because I'm really embarrassed about my skin every since my teen years.  But then after years of bad experiences of having an acne, I was really determined to clear my skin with all this nonsense acne in my face.

When I was in high school I had the worst acne ever all over my face that I'm really insecure about my face and body. After using a lot of otc skincare products, I finally found one line of products that help me fight my acne and it was shiseido. Of all the products I used it was the only product that I'm still using up until now. So when I went to the store where I usually bought my skin care products, the sales lady recommended me to try a Microdermabrasion session for the month of November since they are having a promotion.

If you guys do not know what does Microdermabrasion do to your skin?

Well, it's a procedure with fine diamond crystals to gently resurface the skin and increase cell turnover. It will help decrease pore size, fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the skin complexion. This includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, detoxification of the skin, high frequency ozone steam vapor to kill acne-using bacteria and prevent future breakouts. Then afterwards, a cool and calming face mask is applied. It is then followed by a massage of the face, shoulder massage. (which I really liked)

After few days later, people keep complimenting about how my skin looks so radiant and asking me what is my secret. Of course, my obvious answer was that I did not tell them about my Microdermabrasion. So that's my little secret to keep from them ^^

[ picture of me at work, waiting for my yeobo to pick me up after work]

Well thats all for now,

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Yeah it's the end of the month again and i bring to you guys another instagram pic blog post.

If I recall my last Instagram blog post was the month of August. Yikeee
Since I have no time to post all my Instagram pics every month, I'm going to cheat again and repost some pics I already post to some of my previous blog post.

 (*Sorry September and October, the month of November won!*)

So here are some random pics I posted on instagram for the month of November.

#1.  My Neon Pink Skull phone case

#2. Another pic of my neon skull phone case using Focal B&W Filter

#3. My Halloween Costume; Me as Alice in Wonderland

#4. Our favorite late night craving place at SF Dtown - Sabella and La Torre at Pier 39

#5. Complimentary side order - Clam Chowder

#6. PIC 1 of me without makeup.

#7. Fresh Fried Calamari

#8. One of my favorite foodie this month ; CATINA BOWL from TACOBELL

#9. My yeobo's doubleshot espresso from StarBucks. Work Hard, Play Hard!

#10. PIC 2 of me being bored at work.

#11. Venti of Double Chocolate Chip from Startbucks.

#12. New places to eat korean food but same order ; BIBIMBAP


#14. I admit I'm addicted to WORDS with friends. I always win against my yeobo ^^

#15. Went to RED ROBIN for the first time.... and I love it!

#16. I'm inlove with this TOWER ONION RINGS, I can't get enough of it.

#17. Yeobo's cute gift for me to use ; MOUSTACHE LIPBALM

#18. Buttom's up!

 #19. Oranges anyone?

#20. PIC 3 of me camerawhoring

#21. Drinking Wine with my crazy friends

#22. SANGRIA is the best!

#23. Why are you so yummy mushroom burger?

#24. Random out and all about with new friends.

#25. Our little DRINKING GAME

#26. My first holiday gift for my yeobo ; SUPERMAN IPHONE PHONE CASE

#27. My yeobo found me a twin for my teddy

#28. PIC 4 me camerawhoring again


#30. Less glamours; HOME-MADE RAMEN with chop hotdogs

#31. Hannah first win of our game night.

#32. N U T E L L A

#33. My Red Velvet Cake Crepe at Temptation.

#34. Mushroom Pizzia at Firewood.

#35. My Guava Juice

#36. My rounded pink cross-hand bag

#37. Mini cupcakes and popcakes

#38. The Galaxy Table at MoonStar

#39. PIC 5 of me during our Thankgiving dinner with at Moonstar

#40. Karaoke Night with my ladies at Kuta Bistro

#41. My Ice cream Sandwich from Carl's Junior


#43. Retro phone at KAYA

#44. Hannah and I playing around with the retro phone.



#47. KOREAN BBQ TIME!! Time to cook my favorite meat ; PORK BELLY!

#48. Last but not the least, my favorite pic of the month ; me trying to show you guys what I really look like when I'm trying to be cute (sarcastic)

Wow, this is so far the longest instagram blog post that I have ever done. I think I post too much pic in instagram. don't you guys think so?

Well that's all for now...

Bahhbahhhh -yoOOO!

Until next time,