.My Randomness 22 : 200th Days

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Believe it or not, every time the month of December comes my health is not cooperating with me. I'm always sick, allergies are acting up and my acne problems are coming back again. And sad story about this was the first day of me being sick was when I was with my bf and it's 200th day which was yesterday.

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For our 200th day we ate at Tokyo house for some Japanese bento box food for lunch. Although i wasn't really feeling well that afternoon when my bf picked me up from my house, I really miss eating japanese food especially my favorite salmon sashimi. The miso soup really helped me a lot that afternoon and of course my kind bf gave me his miso soup instead of him drinking the soup. (aww)

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After that we went to his house to spend some quality time to watch Filipino movies. When we got there we both gave each other exchange greeting cards. My Yeobo really liked my card because it was colorful and inside was a thank you letter for him to read. My boyfriend really took care of me that night. He cooked me some chicken lomi soup because of my sore throat and I can't swallow anything other than easy to eat/ soft food and my voice started to fade and I'm having a man-voice again ugh! Even though I went home early that night, thank god my boyfriend was there to take care of him.

Well that's all for now...

I'm still sick right now. Hopefully this medicines I bought today helps me...

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I even bought myself 100% pure honey for me to use for my lemon honey..

Until next time again,

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