.My JOURNAL 50 : SIX ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Today is my yeobo and I six month anniversary. I can't believe it's been half a year since we became a couples in a committed relationship. (ugh i feel old just saying that) Unlike our previous month to month anniversary, my bf bought me three gifts this month.

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First gift was a necklace...
(he won this dolphin necklace at a bidding site...)

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2nd Gift: a Giant teddy bear

(He bought me the teddy bear as a symbol of his peace offering with me that day when we had our a little misunderstanding. )

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I named our big bear "boo boo bear" because my bf always saying "boo boo" when he's trying to be cute/sweet towards me. Now our boo boo bear sleep beside me  (─‿‿─)

3rd gift : RING ♥

I saw this ring a couple of times by myself at a small gift shop. I must admit I keep going to that gift shop because of that ring, wondering if someone already bought it. So when I had the opportunity to show it to my yeobo, at that moment he bought it for me right away. He liked the ring and he wanted me to have it.

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I got all my gifts as an advance gift for our 6th month anniversary.

This month we celebrate our anniversary with lots and lots of food. It's like we had a food coma day. We started our day with breakfast food like scramble eggs, jimmy dim sausages, and maple bacon.
Then we had a late lunch time at Korean BBQ House. Since they have lunch special menu till 3pm we rush in and ate some BBQ Pork Bul Go Gi, seafood sizzling pot and I have been craving for some spicy tofu stew. (Craving accomplished!!!)

After that we did some errands then went back home at his place.
Few hours later, he wanted to eat some of the pre-made crepe sheet we bought at Lucky. (FINALLY~!)
I made banana chocolate crepe and he made strawberry banana crepe. And we're not stopping there,
my bf wanted to bake blueberry muffin after eating crepes. (He's really hungry today) ~.~
So I told him I'm already full, but as soon as he made those blueberry muffin I can't resist but eating one muffin and it was delicious. (sorry I didn't take picture of the muffin)

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We really did have a food coma today. Woooooohh..

I'm still full right now..

But we're okay. As long as I'm full with my yeobo, life is good ♥

Well thats all for now...

Thanks for reading my special day celebration today again..

Until next time,

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