.My JOURNAL 49 : 3N1WEEK ❤

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Hello Lovelies!

Sorry about the lack of posting lately, I really had a busy week. -____-
Going back and forth at the hospital everyday, doing all my mom's request like buying her food & getting her clothes, bowling night with friends, watching the FIGHT, and doing all the laundry. (Ugh.. its really exhausting) Luckily, I had three amazing dates with my boo last week. Sometimes I feel like my bf is the reason/solution to some of my stress. (just kidding) Before our relationship has that kind of push and pull effect type of love. You know that kind of love where you push each other to the limit that you can't compromise or agree on something and then pull each other back again and become crazy in love with each other again. (Yap that's us before..)  But now we change our ways of communicating, and became more understanding with each other's feelings.

Just like one of my favorite quotes, "Sometimes the greatest relationship are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you're ever had "

Oh well, that's part of being in a relationship...

Anyway, lets get into the dates, shall we?


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My boyfriend took me to THE CREPE HOUSE last Tuesday. At first we assume the place was going to be crowded, but when we came in, they only have few costumers eating and drinking tea. It was our first time going in there, so I was surprised the place was nice and has a relaxing atmosphere in it. I ordered the pesto crepe and my bf ordered the hawaiian crepe.


And then on Friday after we went to the hospital to visit my mom, we went to Serramonte Mall and grad something to eat at the food court. My bf ordered the chicken teriyak sandwich with the bacon bake potato and I ordered the great steak sandwich.


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Last but not the least and my favorite date of the week...

We ate some delicious Korean food at Korean BBQ House (Gellert BLVD). It was my favorite date because it was unexpected and its been a long time since we ate some korean style pancake, hot bibimbap and korean bbq. My bf was really taking care and being lovely dove to me that day. I wonder why?

maybe its because of the story he told me about a girl that he helped carrying her bags at airport and trying to get his number but he refuse to give it to her. Then I asked him why and he simply said "You know me, I change my ways. I'm a good boy now" and I replied "yeah right?! You better or else--"

Hahahaha I'm a good girl too. NOT!

Well thats all for now..

Look forward to my "youtube subs mania" post, I'll be talking about all of my favorite youtube videos and personnel.

Until next time,

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