.My JOURNAL 52 : `11 Thanksgiving (Late post)

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First of all,

Happy (Late greeting) Thanksgiving to everyone !

How was everybody's thanksgiving weekend????

Sorry for another late post,

But here we go....

Last Thursday, I spend my Thanksgiving day with my yeobo and his family at their house. Since it was my first thanksgiving with someone, I was happy that it turn to be a good-mood feel like gathering with his family.

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I really ate at lot of food that night. I love the soup my bf's mom made and the fried rice as well. Although my own family didn't have a chance to celebrate thanksgiving due to the fact that mom is still in process of having a healthy body, I brought her some left overs, and some delicious shrimp which she is really loves to eat.

The next day, it was already black Friday and everybody was excited about all the good deals and sale they can find in the mall or any outlet open that day. Some of my friends bought some apple mac laptop and ipad2, and of course they want everybody in FB to know what they bought. And of course for me was the opposite, I wasn't into black Fridays anymore. I have to admit, I'm really not a person who likes to wait in line and be with full of crowded people pushing in line or just seeing the chaos in every store.

I keep telling my bf that Black Friday's deals ends at noon. But he insist on going to Walmart at 3pm with his mom and his mom's friend. I don't know what the fudge he was thinking that day. When we got there, the good deals were gone and people are still shopping like crazy. I didn't see anything interesting stuff to buy. The only thing I wanted to buy was the convectional oven my mom wanted me to buy for her other than that it was like a regular day to go shopping.

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So you know what I was looking forward to yesterday??  The Cyber Monday sale! Yeapp that's my kind of deal to purchase cool items online. My mom and I bought some super cute secret stuff online last night. I'm so excited, that I can't wait to receive one of the items next week. Woat woat!

Well thats all for now,

Looking forward to share some good news and new items next month.

Wow I can't believe it, it's almost December! 

Until next time,

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