.My Randomness 19: SIMS is taking over my life.

by - 9:49 PM

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Yes. My Sims Social in facebook is officially taking over my life, well my life as blogger that is. Ever since I started playing this app in facebook, I can't stop playing it. I'm officially addicted to this game. I told myself before that I would never play any games in facebook because I know personally what it does to people. People get addicted to it. Not long ago, some of my friends are obessess about Farmville, Yoville and few people still playing Cityville.

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Since my favorite name is Khloe. I named my character Khloe Kassel and choice her personality to be creative, just like me. On the positive side, I'm already in 75K in just 3 weeks.
Sorry if i don't spend too much posting new blog post here. I'm trying to break some of my bad habits and playing my SIMS is one of them. Also I'm thinking about changing my background color again.

Well thats all for now

Until next time,

Going to celebrate Hannah's 21th Birthday, tomorrow! Well hopefully, I'll be posting new blog post tomorrow...

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