.MyJOURNAL 45: Thoughts on my behind-the-wheel driving test

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Update about me: I took my behind-the-wheel driving test on Sept 16. My thoughts on my driving test was that I should have done better. (boo-who) Unfortunately I didn't pass my first try of getting my license. T___T
Oh well who am i kidding,?!! That morning was stressful for me to concentrate on my driving. (thats another story, I don't want to talk about) My driving instructor took me around the places where I have been practicing my driving skills, so I was not really nervous about my driving that day. I thought I had my A-game that day.
So what really did not make me pass the test was that the instructor told me that I was tailgating when we're almost back at the DMV.
Yeaapppppp.. She didn't like me at all. She told me to practice a little bit more and take the re-test.

But today was different...

I took my re-take test of my behind-the-wheel driving,

and the result was


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(Not really... LMAO:D )

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Well that's all for now..

Thanks for reading my exciting news today!!

My SiMS is begging me to come back now hahaha XD

Until next time,

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