.My Randomness 18: What chu got in there? New items?!

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Hello lovelies!!

Today I'll share some shopping haul that I purchased with my bf this month.

Sometimes my boyfriend loves to spoil me and buy me things that I like when we go out and do some shopping.

So i'll share some pictures of the items I purchased this month.

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1. Bath & Body works lotions for $10 each.
2. County Chic Body Scrub
3. Oatmeal 'N Honey Facial Scrub
4. Mint Julep Masque
5. 3 new skirts from Target & one skirt from H&M

Before my friend Carol left, she mention this grocery that sell organic stuff at Folsom, SF d-town. It's called "Rainbow Grocery" where you can buy items that are in bulks, organic food, vitamins, and I love their beauty sections. Since the day we shopped at RG, I'm becoming a organic junkie. I bought a lot of things in their beauty product section special skin care and soaps. I like to smell soaps that reminds me a lot of flowers or something that smell so addictive that I can't stop smelling it (hahaha my weird habits again). I bought the facial Scrub, Mint Masque and one lavender soap there. And the lotions I bought them from Bath&body works.

Also I even bought my bf some vitamins since he's always working and sometimes he forgets to take care of his health. (not good ~.~)

On to my next topic...

Obviously it's the time of year, the winter season; where we need to put a lot of layer of clothes to keep us warm. (you know the deal). But recently SF weather is becoming more and more bipolar. It's like Katy Perry song "Hot N Cold" - hot weather and cold weather arghhh T.T it's so unpredictable.

So I bought 4 new skirts from Target and H&M for the hot weather. But I'm still look for new sweaters for the cold weather.

Well that's all for now..

Thanks for reading my post ^^
I need to sleep now, I might become a zombie if i don't get my sleep..

Until next time..

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