.MyJOURNAL 38: AUG dates

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From time to time, my boyfriend and I go out and have a little day/night date just the two of us. I know it's sound so typical for couples to go on dates but the thing is that my boyfriend and I are the type of couples who likes to stay at home instead of going out a lot well except when we are with our friends. But other than that we just like to cook at home and watch TV, maybe talk about some random things.

So here are some of my collective pictures of the food we ate/drink this month...

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We had Japanese for Lunch at Tokyo Express, Stonetown Food Court.
It was the same day we bought my TOMS Shoes..
My boyfriend loves japanese food. =D

aug date 1

Every time my boyfriend picks me up from my house, he's always hungry and cranky at the same time, so i suggested we should eat at PHO near Mission & Geneva.

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Then we tried our first ever burrito at Mission..
My boyfriend loved it and we might go next time again ;)

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and of course we like to drink Starbucks Frappucinos!!

Oh Btw... I just checked my profile and it said that I created my blog since Aug 2009
I can't believe it I had my blog for 2 years now... WOAHHH!!!
Let's celebrate!! WOAT WOAT WOAT!!

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Until next time...

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