.MyJOURNAL 36 : Not so late movie and snack

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Hello Lovelies!!!

Last Thursday, my friend (Carol) invited us (my love & i) to the movies. Since she works at Century Theater in Taforan, it was nice of her to give us some free tickets to see "Harry Potter Deathly Hallow Part 2". I know that movie is been awhile in the theater, but since we haven't watch it and they still showing it on the theater we might as well watch it now before they put it on dvd. After the movie, we had a spare time to go to Seniore's Pizzia near taforan which is why Carol recommended that place. Since she's so hungry after the movie we stop by there and order some sliced pizza.

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Then later on, we went to RV's work place and waited for him to join us that night. When we met up with him, just like Carol he wanted to eat some heavy food and whining/begging at us that he didn't get a chance to eat the whole time he was working. So we ended up eating at IN&OUT Burgers. He ordered some double burger not just one! but two double double burgers. wahhh!!! I can't even finish one double burger. >:(

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Then enjoy the rest of the night talking about some random moments we had since high school days and just catch up with each others lives. Since Carol's planning to go back to Philippines to study, we're trying our best to make up some hangout time with her before she leave us for 5 years T___T

Well that's all for now....

Enjoy you're weekend, I know I did :D

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  1. @MissKatv awww.. :D thanks for reading my post & i do too miss high school days but not the teacher.. hahaha XD