.My Randomness 13 : A lazy day

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Hello Lovelies

Lately, I'm having those "Love-yourself & be okay with it" kind of day. I like staying at home where I can wear my big old sweater from my junior college and just wear my pajama shorts and maybe listen to some of my favorite songs on my itouch underneath my warm comforter. Yeap that's what i did today ^ ^!! Although my phone was busy from all the calls I received today, asking me if I would like to hangout with some of my friends. Frankly I said "No, Thanks. maybe some other time I'll join you guys.." and they responded to me like they knew I wanted to be alone today. However I managed to talk to someone on the phone (my best friend) and shared some funny stories about our weekend. Oh and I took a bunch of pictures on my webcam laptop today. Also I used one of my beauty diary mask to moisturize my face and wear nothing but my bare naked face whole day.

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  1. aww i hope you're feeling alright, keep smiling pretty girl!